WinUHA – UHARC GUI – High Compression Multimedia Archiver

  WinUHA  2.0 RC1 (2005.02.27)+Translation Engine
+SFX Support (only for 0.6)
+UHARC 0.6 and 0.4 Support
+Temp Extraction
+Archive Folders Tree
+Extraction Paths History
+New (Self Made) Graphical Objects: Ratio InfoBar, Folders Panel
+Cascade Shell Context Menu
+Custom Command Line
+Many Other Changes and Options
!Shell Menu too large sometimes
!wrong visualization of some characters
!Unable to open Archive if it as “%” in filename
!Windows 9x Shell Icons Bug Fixed
!Other bug fixesWinUHA 2.0 Build 2003.12.31 beta!Veryfing archive with password fixed
!Minor bugfixes
+Tray Icon (background)
+Archive Information page (basic)
+Main menu completed
+Extraction Form completed
+Save Custom Command Line
+Recent archives list
+Minor changeWinUHA 2.0 Alpha Build 2003.08.30Added : Shell ExtensionsMinors BugfixesWinUHA 2.0 Alpha Build 2003.06.09WinUHA 1.0 – Internal Release not public. 
 To Do : 
  RAR, ZIP and Ace Extraction Support.